PDP address in GPRS

As a result of the ‘PDP activation’ procedure, the GGSN assigns the ‘PDP context’ an IP address. The ‘PDP address’ is the IP of the ‘PDP context’. The ‘PDP address’ […]

APN – what is it in a mobile network ?

APN refers to ‘Access Point Name’, and it is the logical name of the network, which the mobile network users connect to. The PS core network may connect to one […]

GTP tunnel and TEID

TEID refers to ‘Tunnel End Point Identifier’. After creating a PDP context between the MS and the GGSN, the data is sent transparently between the MS and the GGSN. In […]

Direct Tunneling in 3G

In order to reduce the load of passing the user plan data by the SGSN, the SGSN may decide to establish direct tunneling between the RNC and the GGSN. This […]

Combined Attach procedure in GPRS

‘Combined Attach’ means the MS is making an attach to the CS and PS domains in the same time. And this will save the radio resources of the network. This […]

Paging procedure in GPRS

The network inanities ‘Paging procedure’ towards to the MS, in order to move the MM context from STANDBY to READY in 2G, or from PMM-IDLE to PMM-CONNECTED in 3G. Paging […]

Service Request in 3G

The MS initiates the ‘Service Request’ procedure in order to establish the ‘PS signaling connection’ between the MS and the SGSN. The MS do this in order to move the […]