telecommunication jobs in mobile core

Telecommunication jobs: what is ‘PS Core Engineer’

For people who would like to know about telecommunication jobs, the mobile network core has a valuable set of jobs.

Actually, most of people don't know about mobile core field. This is because only limited number of engineers work in mobile core. Therefore, companies affording telecommunication jobs always search for mobile core engineers, because of their limited number.

Let's get a quick overview at the mobile network core field.

The mobile station should be able to make voice calls, in addition to data sessions.

The mobile telecom network contains the access network, and the core network.

mobile network
Mobile network

The access network connects the mobile station to the core network. While the core network connects to the external world, if it is another mobile telecom operator, or to the internet.

The core network contains two parts, the CS domain, and the PS domain. The CS refers to 'Circuit Switching' , while the PS refers to 'Packet Switching'. The CS domain handles voice calls, while the PS domain handles data sessions.

There are a set of telecommunication engineers work in operating every part of the mobile network.

The 'wireless engineers' operate the access network. While the 'CS core engineers' operate the  CS domain. And lastly, the 'PS core engineers' operate the PS domain.

telecommunication jobs in mobile core
Telecommunication jobs in the mobile network

Telecommunication jobs: PS core engineer

As stated earlier, the PS core engineer operates the mobile network PS domain.

Although all the parts of the mobile network are important, but I consider the 'PS core engineers' are the most needed by the companies. this is simply because PS domain is the future of telecom networks.

This is because starting from 4th generation network, which is the LTE network, the network doesn’t contain a CS domain. LTE contains only a PS domain. Even the voice calls are using the PS domain.