PDP Context Deactivation Procedure

The MS, the SGSN, and the GGSN can initiate The ‘PDP context deactivation procedure’. PDP Context Deactivation Procedure (MS initiated) The MS sends ‘Deactivate PDP context request’ to the SGSN, […]

PDP Context Modification Procedure

In case one of any parameters associated with the PDP context changed, like the QoS as example. The node in which the PDP context is changed should initiate  ‘PDP Context […]

PDP type in GPRS

PDP type is the type of the IP address assigned to the PDP. PDP type maybe one of the following, IPv4. IPv6. IPv4v6 (Dual stack). The PDP type exists in subscription […]

PDP address in GPRS

As a result of the ‘PDP activation’ procedure, the GGSN assigns the ‘PDP context’ an IP address. The ‘PDP address’ is the IP of the ‘PDP context’. The ‘PDP address’ […]

GTP tunnel and TEID

TEID refers to ‘Tunnel End Point Identifier’. After creating a PDP context between the MS and the GGSN, the data is sent transparently between the MS and the GGSN. In […]

Direct Tunneling in 3G

In order to reduce the load of passing the user plan data by the SGSN, the SGSN may decide to establish direct tunneling between the RNC and the GGSN. This […]