What is Tracking Area in LTE ?

Here, we will discuss the Location identifiers in LTE mobile network, including the mobile operator identifier, the Tracking Area identifier, and the Cell identifier.

Tracking Area identity and Cell Identifier
Tracking Area identifier and Cell Identifier
  • In LTE mobile network, every eNB consists of several cells, and every group of cells, are grouped into a Tracking Area (TA).
  • Therefore, we can say that, the the mobile network consists of several TAs.

Mobile Operator Identifier

  • The PLMN ID identifies every mobile network. PLMN refers to 'Public Land Mobile Network'.
  • The PLMN ID consists of two parts, the MCC and the MNC.
  • MCC refers to 'Mobile Country Code', and it is a unique ID for every country. While MNC refers to 'Mobile Network Code', which is a unique ID for every network inside the country.

Tracking Area Identifier

  • We use Tracking Area Code (TAC), in order to locally identify every TA.
  • In order to identify the TA globally , we use the TA Identity (TAI).
  • The (TAI) consists of the Mobile Country Code (MCC), Mobile Network Code (MNC), and the (TAC).

Cell Identifier

  • The eNB ID identifies Every eNB.
  • And the ECI which refers to 'E-UTRAN Cell Identifier', locally identifies every cell inside the network.
  • While the ECGI, which refers to 'E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier', globally identifies every cell.
  • The EGCI consists of the MCC, the MNC, and the ECI.

In summary, every group of LTE cells are grouped into a TA.

  • And the ECI identifies every cell locally. While the ECGI identifies every cell globally.
  • And TAC locally identifies every TA , while TAI globally identified every TA.