Service Request in 3G

The MS initiates the ‘Service Request’ procedure in order to establish the ‘PS signaling connection’ between the MS and the SGSN. The MS do this in order to move the […]

Routing Area Update ‘RAU’ in GPRS

Types of Routing Area Update ‘RAU’ Intra-SGSN RAU The Intra SGSN RAU occurs when the MS moves from one RA to another RA, and both RAs exist under the same […]

GPRS attach

Your reference for GPRS Attach Procedure

GPRS Attach procedure is the procedure in which the MS registers to the network. In other words, the network knows about the existence of the MS. After completing the process […]

Gn Interface and Gp Interface

Gn/Gp interface, is the interface between the SGSNs and the GGSNs. ‘Gn interface’ is the interface between the SGSNs and the GGSNs when they exist within the same mobile network.  […]

Your Guide for Roaming architecture in GPRS

To understand Roaming architecture in GPRS, there are a few terms we have to understand, Outbound roaming The outbound roaming user simply means that you are travelling outside your country, […]

What is PDP, and Attach in GPRS

What is PDP To know what is ‘PDP’, we should know that in order for an MS to be able to send and receive data to and from the PDN, […]

GPRS network architecture

Your Guide to GPRS network architecture

GPRS refers to ‘General Packet Radio Service’. The GPRS network aims to transfer data and signaling in an efficient manner, and optimize the use of network and radio resources. GPRS […]