Dual Registration in 5G Network

Dual registration refers to the ability of a 5G device to be simultaneously registered with both the 4G LTE network and the 5G network in a mobile network architecture.

In the context of 5G networks, UE dual registration is a key feature that enables seamless mobility and service continuity for 5G subscribers, as the UE can use both 4G and 5G access networks simultaneously for data communication.

In addition, Handovers between the 5G and 4G networks can be seamless, as the UE maintains connections with both networks.

When a 5G-capable device is powered on, it first registers with the 4G LTE network. This ensures that the device can maintain connectivity and access legacy 4G services.

How it works?

Once the device is registered with the 4G LTE network, it then attempts to register with the 5G network. This dual registration process allows the device to access both the 4G and 5G networks simultaneously.

The device can intelligently select the appropriate network (4G or 5G) based on factors such as signal strength and network load. This ensures that the device always connects to the most suitable network, providing the best possible user experience.

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