5GC (5G Core)

5GC stands for 5G Core network. It is the core network for 5G mobile networks.

The key features and components of the 5GC include:

  • Service-Based Architecture (SBA): The 5GC is designed with service based architecture, which provides more flexibility, scalability, and modularity compared to the traditional EPC.

  • Network Functions: The main 5G core network functions include the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), Session Management Function (SMF), User Plane Function (UPF), Authentication Server Function (AUSF), and others.

  • Separation of Control and User Plane: The control plane (signaling) and user plane (data) functions are separated, allowing for more efficient and flexible deployment.

  • Support for Cloud-Native Deployment: The 5GC is designed to be deployed in a cloud-native manner, leveraging virtualization and containerization technologies.

  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) and Policies: The 5GC provides more granular and flexible QoS controls, as well as advanced policy management capabilities.

  • Support for Network Slicing: The 5GC enables the creation of multiple virtual networks or "network slices" within the same physical network infrastructure, each tailored to specific use cases and requirements.
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