What is Tracking Area in LTE ?

Here, we will discuss the Location identifiers in LTE mobile network, including the mobile operator identifier, the Tracking Area identifier, and the Cell identifier. In LTE mobile network, every eNB […]

Offline Charging vs. Online Charging in LTE

The type of charging in LTE mobile network, may be Offline Charging or Online Charging. The main difference between the two types, is whether the charging can affect the user […]

Your Guide to LTE Interfaces

Let’s talk about LTE Interfaces. In LTE, every interface between two network nodes, is having an interface name, that represents the protocols used in the communication between those nodes. Below […]

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Introduction

While the UE attached to LTE network, the UE can initiate, or receive a voice or a video call. The UE achieves this, by connecting to an external network, which […]

What is an ‘EPS Bearer’ in LTE ?

During ‘LTE attach’ procedure, the network establishes this EPS Bearer between the UE and the PGW. The PGW assigns an IP address for this Bearer. The UE uses this IP […]

Your Guide for LTE Attach procedure

After the LTE Attach Procedure ends, the following should be accomplished, The MME assigns the UE a GUTI. An EPS Bearer should be created between the UE and the PGW. […]

LTE (4G) Network Architecture

LTE network nodes LTE refers to ‘Long Term Evolution’, and the architecture of the LTE network is as following, eNodeB The eNodeB is the 4G site that the UE connects […]