Paging procedure in GPRS

The network inanities ‘Paging procedure’ towards to the MS, in order to move the MM context from STANDBY to READY […]

Service Request in 3G

The MS initiates the ‘Service Request’ procedure in order to establish the ‘PS signaling connection’ between the MS and the […]

GPRS Detach procedure

There are three nodes that can initiate ‘GPRS Detach’ procedure. Those nodes are the MS, the SGSN, and the HLR. […]

PMM state transition in 3G

The PMM state are the Mobility management state for the MM context exist on the MS and on the SGSN […]

GPRS MM states

2G/3G Mobility Management states

The GPRS Mobility Management determines if the user equipment is registered to the network or not. In another words, it […]