HR (Home Routed) Roaming

HR (Home Routed) is one of roaming architectures used while the mobile device is roaming outside its home network.

In the HR architecture, all data traffic from a mobile device is routed back to the home network's core infrastructure, regardless of the location or visited network.

When a user initiates a data session, the traffic is sent back to the home network where it is processed and then forwarded to the internet.

HR architecture provides the home network with complete control and visibility over the data traffic of its subscribers. It allows the home network to enforce policies, apply security measures, and implement charging mechanisms effectively.

However, the HR architecture may introduce higher latency and increased backhaul traffic between the visited network and the home network. HR architecture is commonly used when the home network wants to maintain full control over its subscribers' data traffic and ensure consistent policy enforcement, irrespective of the visited network's capabilities.

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