Mobile Packet Core Network in 2G and 3G

Kick-start your career as a 'PS Core Engineer', one of the most valuable positions in mobile operators.

The mobile telecom network contains the core network, and the access network.

mobile network

The core network contains two parts, 

  • The PS domain (Packet Switching domain), handles the mobile data sessions.
  • While, the CS domain (Circuit Switching domain), handles the mobile voice calls.

While, the access network connects the mobile station to the core network. 

telecommunication jobs in mobile core

There are a set of engineers operate every part of the mobile network.

The 'PS core engineers' operate the PS domain, and the 'CS core engineers' operate the  CS domain. While, the 'wireless engineers' operate the access network.  

About this course

This course illustrates the PS domain of the mobile core network in both 2nd generation (2G), and 3rd generation (3G) networks.

This course is important for you if you would like to work in mobile operators, especially if you would like to work as a 'PS core engineer'.


'Mohamed Salem', the author of this course. A communication engineer with eight years of experience, five years of them working as 'PS core engineer'.

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